3 Rules For Our Company

Written by Managing Director: Alyce Householter

While currently working on Trojan Woman: A Love Story (Artists Theatre of Boston), I began to think about how the show related back to our own Maiden Phoenix Theatre Company. There is a specific section towards the end of ACT I where the chorus women recite the “7 rules of men and women”. Ironically, the 3 rules that my character recites, reminded me of conversations I have with people about Maiden Phoenix and its mission. So if you are just newly hearing about our company or are interested in more details, here are some of the first things I feel tell people about the company.

“Rule #2: There are no perfect women”
Not only on a personal level, but a professional and thematic level. I think it’s important to keep in mind, while building a “female story focused” theatre company, that WOMEN ARENT PERFECT. I know ladies, trust me, I wish it weren’t true but we are indeed flawed. Highly flawed, and just as flawed as any other human being on the planet. So the stories we tell can’t just be about women overcoming adversity and being the protagonist we love. There are so many dynamically thrilling female characters out there who are so deeply flawed. Lady MacBeth, Cleopatra, Harper (Angels in America), etc. And those female’s stories are not only thrilling as hell but show every aspect of women, not just the loveable lady hero. We plan to focus on all aspects of women; positive, negative, strange, etc. Stories about well rounded, multi-faceted, 3 dimensional females.

“Rule #5: Many good women go unnoticed”
This is one of the main thoughts running through our heads as artistic management….so many talented actresses-not enough roles.
New research by the Guardian, in collaboration with Elizabeth Freestone of Pentabus Theatre, shows that women are still badly under represented, with a persistent 2:1 male-to-female ratio.
And yet, over 65% of general audiences are women! Not to mention that there are many more actresses auditioning for parts then male actors. This seems weird right?! And kind of mind boggling. This is indeed one of the main focuses of Maiden Phoenix Theatre Company. We just wish to offer more opportunities for women to perform, write, direct, etc. Our mission statement directly states that,
We are committed to giving opportunities to female theater artists, onstage and off, by having at least 51% female involvement in all aspects.
This is our focus. This is what we believe in.

“Rule#7: Men who really listen are irresistible”
This is key gents, so listen up! I am not going to beat around the bush here, Maiden Phoenix Theatre Company loves…MEN!! The biggest misconception that I have run into when talking to people about the company is that people assume it is an all female company. That we work purely with women. This is so untrue! We love men. We just want to offer an opportunity for people to tell the STORY of women. This includes men! This isn’t just a company to make men look bad either, to peg them as sexist, abusive, or evil. Telling the story of women includes male female relationships. So men, just know that we want to work with you! We want male perspective in our rehearsals, our production team, and our audiences!

So that’s just a little run down of what I feel about our company and its future.

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