Pantsrole Nation

Pants Role (noun): A role in which an actress appears in male clothing, doing a better job than a man could, and frickin’ killing it, being the boss, and showing off her legs while she’s at it.

 For one night only, Simple Machine and Maiden Phoenix Theatre Company present an ovaries-to-the-wall Variety Show of Boston’s finest leading ladies, taking on songs and scenes (and strip-teases) originally written for men.

 We’ll raise a glass, and some funds, for our upcoming production of “Or,” a play by Liz Duffy Adams, about one riotous night in the life of Aphra Behn: poet, spy, and England’s first professional female playwright.  

 Join us June 7th at the Rockwell Theatre in Davis Square at 7:30 pm.  Tickets online or at the door.