What Can Bail Bondsmen Legally Do

What Can Bail Bondsmen Legally Do?

In previous articles, we have talked about how to post bail and gone over precisely how bail bonds work. However, what many people don’t understand is their local bail bondsman is actually on their side. Those same people, unfortunately, believe that basically a bail bonds service “holds them hostage” in one of the most stressful and hardest times in their lives. Continue to read to learn what bail bondsmen legally can and cannot do.

Let talk about bail bonds basics to help refresh your memory. Bail bonds, also called surety bonds, are guaranteed by a bondsman who is state-licensed with backing from an insurance company. The bail agent guarantees the full payment on the bond to the court if you fail to show up for your scheduled court appearances. For our purposes, let’s say that you fail to show up in court. The ball is in the bail agent’s court now. They can pursue the fugitive by either hiring a bounty hunter or do it on their own to get the person arrested. Bail bond agents are not government agents are not required to seek a warrant. However, a bail bondsman is required to keep all paperwork that identifies them as being authorized for seeking out and detaining the fugitive while they are doing it.

Due to the specialized nature of their work, bail bondsmen only can do so much. They might not be able to make arrests themselves. But they always can turn to the proper authorities if they ever need further help.

What Is Different About A Trusted Bail Bonds Company?

Bail bond agents have a tendency to, unfortunately, get a bad rap for the work that they do. Although some agents may be intimidating and rude, that isn’t true with our team at all. Most trusted bondsman have a simple mission: to help clients get released out of jail as soon as possible. We help people constantly who have not worked previously with a bail bonds company. You can rest assured knowing that we won’t ever treat you like just a number or rush you through this process. Our trained and licensed agents will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have.

You might be wondering what truly sets apart one Bail Bonds from other bail bonds companies. To begin with, we are a third-generation business that has more than five decades worth of experience. Along with expediting the process, another thing that clients appreciate that we treat all of our cases with confidentiality and discretion.

It can be very traumatic to post bail for a loved one. During a chaotic time, you can rely on us to make good decisions and to stay calm. Our agents are flexible and creative and make it a point to go the extra mile at all times for our clients. We hope you notice the difference our experience and training can make in helping your family get through a tough time.